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If you LOVE the theater, now's your chance

to be a part of the fun and creativity

River City Players needs YOU to volunteer! 


Selecting areas of interest is not a commitment. We will only contact you if there is a need in the specific area of interest that you've indicated on the form below. Beneath the form, you will find general explanations of the volunteer selections. 

THANK YOU! Welcome to the River City Players family!


Volunteer with Us
Public Relations
Volunteer Coordination
Art/Graphic Design
Front of House Manager
Front of House
Script Committee
Prop Hound
Assistant Director
Music Director
Line Coach
Set Design
Set Build
Stage Manager
Backstage Help

Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! We'll get back to you soon.

 Various Volunteer Positions

Public Relations - This includes Advertising and Social Media, especially keeping the Facebook Page relevant.

Volunteer Coordination - Keeping track of volunteers and contacting the ones that are needed. There is a spreadsheet of all the current volunteers.

Art/Graphic Design - Design any artwork needed which includes the poster for the shows, the marquee outside the Larimer, palm cards, photos, and help with web design.

Sales/Tickets - Set up and keep track of the ticket sales with the help of the web master. Handle any other sales that the board requests.

Front of House Manager - Make sure the Box Office and Bar are staffed. Make sure the bathrooms, theater and lobby are clean.

Front of House - Staff the Bar or Box Office and help keep the areas clean.

Script Committee - Read scripts to help determine what shows will be offered in the future.

IT/Tech - Set up and manage the Web Site, Email site, Google Docs, etc. Help to set up the lighting and sounds for the various events.

Fundraising - Seek out opportunities for raising funds including grants.

Costuming - Work with the director and provide any needed costumes from the costume inventory or shop for what is needed.

Prop Hound - Help hunt down and obtain various props needed for a production.

Director - Direct and manage the production of a show.

Assistant Director - Assist the current Director as needed. Requires attendance at rehearsals.

Music Director - Directs the cast in the music elements of a musical production.

Choreography - Design and direct the dance elements in musical productions.

Line Coach - Prompt the actors once they are off-book. Requires attendance at rehearsals.

Acting - Be an actor in a specific play. Attend all required rehearsals and performances. Abide by the rules and requirements set up by the current Director.

Hair/Makeup - Prepare the actors with appropriate hair style or wig and makeup. If necessary, be available on performance dates to help them get ready.

Set Design - Work with the Director to design a set appropriate for the current play.

Set Build - Use the Set Design to build a set. May require carpentry, lighting, painting, furniture placement, decoration.

Sound/Lights - Run the sound and lights for the show. Will require time at some rehearsals. May include helping to set up the sound and lights.

Stage Manager - Manage all the backstage work that is needed during the show. Organize what needs to happen backstage to support the performance.

Backstage Help - Help with the backstage as defined by the Stage Manager. Requires attendance at the show, but not all performances. Set up the stage props, make sure actors have what they need onstage and that they are where they need to be to go on. At the end of the show, set up the stage for the next show.

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