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River City Players

  • River City Players is a "not for profit", 100 percent volunteer community theater.

  • Our volunteers are age 7 and up!

  • We are fortunate to have over120 volunteers.

  • We produce 4 shows per year, one for every season - Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.

  • We've provided financial support for 4 drama clubs (within the Putnam County School System).


  • Each production begins with a Champagne Opening Night, sponsored by an individual or business in Putnam County.

  • We appreciate donations of vintage or antique items to use in our productions. Our wonderful patrons have donated everything from furniture and props to costumes and accessories!

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In the Beginning...

When the Putnam County Library System Headquarters (Palatka Public Library) moved into its new digs at the Community College (now St. Johns River State College campus, at the corner of College Road and Rt. 20), the City of Palatka gave the Larimer Building to River City and the Arts Council as a home for the arts. 

Interior 005.jpg

Shortly thereafter, River City became resident in the Center. Its first few productions were preformed on a stage constructed in what is now the lobby. During this time, River City was being led by two fantastic ladies, Betsy Scarlett and Marchetta Hill. Betsy was president and the artistic muse of River City. Her sidekick, Marchetta, was treasurer.

Once the remaining library shelves were removed from the stack area (where the theater seating is now), construction of our wonderful black box theater began. It was created largely through the herculean efforts of Betsy and Marchetta, with construction help from Harry Gillean. In recognition of their tireless efforts, a ceremony was held and attended by many City dignitaries, naming the theater in their honor. 

The Scarlett-Hill Theater stands as a worthy reminder of two amazing women and their dedication to the support of live theater in  Palatka and Putnam County. 


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