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It’s a cold Christmas Eve in London, and Ebenezer Scrooge sits in a hospital room. 15 years have passed since his miraculous transformation by the Ghosts of Christmas. Now renowned for his generosity and selflessness, his spirit still yearns to bring cheer to the world, but his flesh is weak.

Such a little thing isn’t likely to stop the old man, though, for he has a plan up his sleeve that he hasn’t shared with his two troubled companions – Miss Poole, the nurse assigned to his care, and Tim Cratchit, recently returned from war in America. Over the course of the evening, these two lost souls bear witness to events they do not fully understand as the spirit of Christmas descends on Ebenezer once more.

"There is a battle fought every year during the Christmas season. It is the battle between cynicism and hope. Between cruelty and kindness. Between tragedy and miracles. Between darkness and light. It is this battle that ignites all good Christmas classics and makes us burn with appreciation for them. Lights a candle on the side of hope while poignantly showing how much darkness is left to be exposed. Yes, there is still darkness and division in the world. But that doesn't mean kindness and love has failed, only that we need it more than ever." - Review of Ebenezer by Bridgette Redman

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The Larimer Arts Center

Home of the River City Players is located at:

216 Reid Street, in downtown Palatka.

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